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Millions of Americans have become hooked on opioid pain relievers, causing a growing crisis of addiction across the country. At Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC, with orthopedic surgeon W. Gorum, MD, emphasizes cutting-edge integrative therapies to address pain, such as injections and spinal stimulation. The practice is conveniently located in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. Call today or schedule your interventional pain management consultation online.

Interventional Pain Management Q & A

What is the goal of interventional pain management?

Arthritis, neck pain, and back pain are among the myriad pain-inducing conditions that affect the quality of life of millions of Americans. 

Although it’s not possible to completely eliminate chronic pain, interventional pain management emphasizes minimizing your pain, without reliance on prescription drugs. 

At Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC, the goal of this approach is to relieve pain, restore your function and mobility, and improve your overall quality of life. 

What treatments are part of interventional pain management?

The team at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC customizes your interventional pain management treatment plan to your condition. The plan may include minimally invasive therapies, such as:

Epidural injections

Injections that include a mix of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication, such as cortisone. Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC recommends epidural injections to treat pain in your spine that radiates to your arm or leg. 

Facet joint injections

Facet joint injections use an anesthetic to address neck, middle back, or low back pain due to an injury, degenerative condition, or arthritis. The injections go into your facet joint, which is the small joint between each spinal vertebrae.

Sacroiliac joint injections

The team at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC may recommend injecting steroids into the joints between your pelvic bones and sacrum. These injections help relieve pain concentrated on one side of your body, typically in your low back, buttock, and leg. 

Noninvasive interventional pain management methods include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Relaxation techniques 
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy

Peripheral nerve blocks are also an option, involving an injection of anesthetic medicine to numb the compressed spinal nerves and alleviate pain. 

If you suffer from chronic pain due to a damaged nerve, the team at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC may recommend a nerve block to provide immediate, effective pain relief. 

What is spinal cord stimulation for interventional pain management?

Spinal cord stimulation is an FDA-approved treatment for chronic pain. The treatment works by preventing pain signals from traveling from the nerves in your spine to your brain. 

Your provider at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC provides this treatment by implanting a small device under your skin that produces mild electrical impulses. These impulses block pain signals, limiting your sensation of pain.

For effective noninvasive and minimally invasive therapies that don’t rely on drugs, call Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC today or book a consultation online to learn more about interventional pain management.