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If you’d like to improve the look of your skin but are nervous about surgery, consider noninvasive skin tightening at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. W. Gorum, MD, offers TempSure™ skin tightening, a convenient nonsurgical solution that uses gentle heat to tighten skin — with no downtime. To find out more, call today or book a consultation online.

Skin Tightening Q & A

What is skin tightening?

Skin tightening is a noninvasive procedure to reveal a more radiant complexion through the process of heat-enhanced cellular renewal. Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC offers skin tightening with TempSure, which is safe for all skin types and skin tones. 

TempSure, a nonsurgical radiofrequency therapy,  promotes skin tightening by gently heating your tissues on the inside. 

TempSure treatments are convenient and consistent. The skin tightening therapy requires no needles, surgery, or downtime, making it the ideal addition to your beauty and self-care routine.

How does TempSure skin tightening work?

TempSure is a state-of-the-art technology that slowly, painlessly heats your skin. This heating process triggers a natural rebuilding response in the cells of your skin.

Over time, your skin creates new pathways of collagen, which is an essential building block of firm, youthful skin. This new collagen network tightens your skin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces cellulite.

How long does skin tightening take?

When you visit Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC for your TempSure treatment, expect it to take 45-60 minutes. Skin tightening requires no downtime. You can squeeze a session in during your lunch hour, and then get back to work immediately or resume your usual routine.

Is skin tightening painful?

Skin tightening doesn't hurt. Almost 100% of patients say the procedure is painless. What you'll feel during your treatment at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC is a progressive sensation of gentle warmth, like a hot stone massage.

TempSure skin tightening hovers around a temperature of 104-107.6°F. This temperature is an ideal level of warmth to support the formation of new collagen. 

What should I expect after skin tightening?

You may notice your skin appears slightly red after your TempSure therapy, but any redness generally goes away quickly. You may see an immediate improvement in your skin, with results becoming more and more noticeable as the weeks pass. 

People may comment on the glowing appearance of your skin after your session at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC.

If you'd like to regain your skin's once-youthful glow, perhaps it’s time to consider TempSure skin tightening at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC. Call today or book a consultation online.